Singapore’s 1:6 Guru in the News

My guru, Alex, got featured in our local paper, ZB!

That’s him on the right, with his lovely family. The guy on the left collects Star Wars I think. Still awaiting hi-res scans from Alex at the point of writing.

Alex has the coolest 1:6 collection I’ve ever seen in Singapore.

If you’re reading this, are an avid sixth scale collector and dispute the coolness of his collection, do show me pix of your stuff. You may be added to this post if your stuff rocks.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting his old place a few months back and am eagerly anticipating visiting him at his new digs, which is about 15 mins away from mine.

More power to you, my guru!

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3 thoughts on “Singapore’s 1:6 Guru in the News

  1. hey shaun, thanks for the post 🙂 most appreciated, as always. have emailed you the high res scans. sorry about the delay, these few days more crazy than usual. place is almost ready – you will definitely be invited when everything’s up. see you soon

  2. Your great choice of words always brings a smile to my face 🙂 Till we meet again then, superman

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