Kaelen at 4 weeks old

Kaelen at 4 weeks old

Here you are at four weeks old, Son.
You are getting heavier, thanks to Mum’s devotion at breastfeeding you, though from some angles your cheeks seem to be less chubby. You are very alert when awake and your eyes dart around the room when you sense movement. You squint and we hope it’s just you trying to focus and you won’t get cross-eyed when you grow up. You seem to have settled in a sleeping and eating pattern. You feed about every hour in the day, and two at night. You’ve a bit of wind in the tummy these days which gives you abit of grief when you try to poo.

Kaelen at 4 weeks old

Your relatives and Mum & Dad’s close friends came to visit on Saturday to celebrate your one month with us and you got loads of gifts. Dad is looking forward to spend our first festive season as a family with you this CNY. Dad really has fun spending time with you in the weekends, especially bathing and napping with you. These photos were taken before you napped on Dad’s chest on Sunday. Weekends are a great time with you, as Dad tries he best to take care of you and let Mum catch up on her sleep. Dad only gets to wipe you down sometimes on weekdays, and sing you The Beatles catalogue to sleep.

Kaelen at 4 weeks old

On Sunday, Dad enjoyed your company as he watched the replay of our team vs the bitters, and a bit of the Trannies ROTF movie, as well as playing a bit of FIFA 2010.

Kaelen at 4 weeks old

Here’s to many more fun days with you, Son.


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