CNY with Kaelen

CNY with Kaelen

We celebrated our first festive holiday with you and had a great time, Son.
We went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s place for reunion dinner and they had fun carrying and taking photos of you.

On New Year’s day, we went to Grandma’s place for lunch.

CNY with Kaelen

And you got photos with cousin Karin.

CNY with Kaelen

Dad had a great time with you, bathing you in the mornings, playing with you so that Mum could get some rest and the best time was always nap time. Of course, you didn’t really cooperate.

CNY with Kaelen

You seemed to enjoy Dad’s company alot and showed this by soiling your clothes and bedsheets quite a few times. But you always feigned innocence.

CNY with Kaelen

Aunt Jancy and Kyn came over to visit you. Unfortunately, this photo was taken when you realised you were hungry.

CNY with Kaelen

We attempted our first family outing to Compass Point but you got quite agitated and we were made to suffer the rest of the day. Well at least you got a nice pix with Mum.

CNY with Kaelen

Dad really enjoyed the long holiday with you and looks forward to spending more quality time with you.


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