Kaelen at 5 Months

Dear Son,

You’ve become much more alert and aware of your surroundings and we love it when you’re well rested cos it means quality playtime with Mum and Dad.

It means lots of smiles for us, and you’ve been doing that alot during weekends with you.

You’re very active and like turning all over the place and we can’t wait to see you crawl.

You love it when we prop you up on your feet and want to try to walk, but we both know it’s not time yet. Still, whenever you’re on your feet, you don’t really like it when we try to make you sit down.

Mum and Dad look forward to play time with you at the end of each work day and we’ve set up your own play area for you.

Our routine has been as such these days: Start you off seated in your chair and you playing with your toys, then getting some exercise with your legs by helping you to walk around, and finally singing the alphabet and numbers to you, based on the play chart. You seem observant and can follow Mum’s fingers as she points out and sings the items on the charts.

We also had your second successful swim in your personal swimming pool, though you got a bit upset cos the water cooled off later on.

It wasn’t all glee in your fifth month and you had flu for about three weeks and it was sad for Mum and Dad to keep feeding you medicine. You even spread your flu to Mum. You’re better now and we thank God for that.

It seemed just a short while ago that you first looked at us when you were born. Now you’re looking around at us happily. Just the other day, Mum said you somehow removed the cushion around your cot and peered through the space in the cot as if to indicate that you were awake.

Love you always, Son.


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