Kaelen at 6 months

We’re so happy you’re half-a-year old son, though it’s quite sad you had to welcome the first day of your sixth month with bronchitis.

In this month you fell sick quite a bit, you attended your first wedding, World Cup 2010 happened so you got your first national team jersey, you got your walker, you got your passport made, and we had awesome family weekends.

You’ve been having fever and flu as a result of your ear infection, which got worse. Dad and Mum took turns to stay at home to care for you. On the fourth day of medication, you seem to be hating the sight of syringes containing the medicine. We just went to the doctor today and you were diagnosed with bronchitis and we’re going to start you on nebulizer treatment.

The first wedding you attend was Dad’s cousin Michell’s. Dad and her were taken care of by Dad’s maternal grandmum and grandpa when they were young. It was a nice wedding, and everyone was very happy for her.

The weather was quite hot that day so you were grumpy. You even fell asleep during mass.

We went out quite abit during this month with you, and got to dress up on family outings which was great fun.

We enjoyed all the weekends with you, where depending on your mood, you would curiously take in the surroundings, or sleep at long stretches at one go.

As it was World Cup season, you got your own mini Spain kit. Dad chose Spain for you cos the other shirts available (Germany and Argentina) had mainly white on them, which meant laundry trouble when you drooled or puked on the shirt. Thankfully, Spain made it to the finals.

Dad liked how you looked in the kit so much that he persuaded Mum to use your pix as your passport photo.

We wanted to make your passport so that we could go away for a short family holiday, but your illness meant that plan was scrapped. We just hope you get better soon.

We finally got you a walker cos you’ve hated sitting as early as your third month. You seem to enjoy it alot and we’re happy to see you having fun with it, though it would be great if you stopped munching on the toys attached to the walker’s tray.

You are getting very active, looking around at the slightest noise, and make different sounds from your usual coos, some of which sound like monstrous growls. You still can’t crawl properly, though you can rotate your body all over the bed. You’ve also started to reach out and grab things, and this can be anything, from Mum’s hair, Dad’s glasses to your PD’s blouse.

Seeing your smile at the end of the workday brings us much joy and we think you can recognise us already, just like you recognise milk bottles and syringes. It’s quite funny how you don’t realise you’re hungry till you see your milk bottle.

Your lower two front teeth emerged, causing you some discomfort, but it’s really an indication of how fast you’re growing.

Thanks for giving us the happiest days of our lives, Son.


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