Kaelen at 7 Months

You learnt how to sit up, albeit aided, starting screaming a lot (partly due to your bouts of flu and bronchitis, as well as your teeth) and grabbed and tried to eat everything in sight.

Mum’s friends came to visit you this month, bearing you gifts and caught up with Mum.

Kaelen Wong

We were confined to home for most of the month as you needed to recover, but we found time to walk around our neighbourhood.

Kaelen Wong

Kaelen Wong

Kaelen Wong

At the point of writing, your bottom two front teeth have fully emerged, and your top two teeth are making their way out.

Kaelen Wong

Which means no more toothless smiles from you.

Kaelen Wong

Kaelen Wong

You shout for our attention these days…

…and have quite a lot of fun in your walker. We know the drawbacks of the walker but it seems to keep you occupied when all you want to do is stand up.

We discovered you can sit up with perfect balance in the bath tube and you can grip the sides of the bath to support yourself. That’s when you’re not to preoccupied with splashing around.

Love you always, Son.

Kaelen Wong


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