Kaelen at 9 months

You’re nine months old today, Son, and Dad is quite sad he couldn’t spend the day with you cos he had to work.

You started standing by holding on to your cot immediately after your 8 month, and we were so happy to see you learn a new thing, but it was a stark reminder of how fast time flies when we’re with you.

Seeing you grow so fast and strong makes us happy, but we do often think back to the times when you were just a little baby in our arms, and now you’re always fidgeting around and demanding to be carried upright so that you can see what is around you.

You seem more patient with your picture books and willing to go through them at least three times before you try to eat the book. You try to bite everything, even our shoulder when you lean your head on us as we carry you.

One night at 4am, you woke up screaming. Mum checked your temperature and you were running a 40 degree fever. We immediately rushed you to the hospital and thankfully, after some tests and a doctor’s check, your illness was controllable.

The nurse gave us useful tips on controlling your fever at four hour intervals. Your illness lasted almost a week and you kept having diahorrea, which meant you were very cranky and needy. The upside when you’re needy is that you like to be hugged very close and like to lean your head on us all the time.

Your stomach’s still upset which results in nappy rash but we’ve changed your milk to soy and hopefully you’ll be fully recovered soon.

You make all sorts of different sounds and it’s very exciting to know what will be your first word. We’re also very excited about seeing your first steps. But we know you will do all this in your own time and that it’s best to enjoy you for the endless joy you give us.

Love you always, Son.


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