Happy 1st Birthday Kaelen

Dad is writing this after just rocking you to sleep, with your head nestled on his shoulder. You couldn’t sleep by yourself tonight, which you usually do, as you have a throat infection.

One year ago, you entered our lives at 315pm. Mum’s C-section op took 15 minutes, but it was the most harrowing experience for her. Dad was pacing up and down, worried for you both. Just before the doctor performed the op, Dad was called into the operation theatre, and he took his place at Mum’s side. The anesthetist did an awesome job of instilling undue fear in Mum by claiming he could not administer the medicine properly. By the time Dad got in, Mum was quite worked up. Our gynae, TC Chang was as steady as always, ignoring the anesthetist and calmly told us you were coming out. He needed some help to push you out and you cried so loudly. Dad stood up in excitement, saw you and the mess at mum’s abdomen, and sat down immediately.

Babies don’t usually look very cute when they’re just born, so we can’t honestly say that you did. Your features kept changing over the next month and Dad was secretly worried the forceps had made very ugly marks on your temples.

You had jaundice for a few weeks after birth and we were quite concerned when we couldn’t let you get enough sunlight.

This was you at two weeks, sleeping and pooing all the time.

Mum was very dedicated in breastfeeding you, but blamed herself for your infant acne.

Here you are at one month old.

You were baptised a day after Dad’s birthday. You slept through the whole ceremony.

Here’s you at two months.

We love how responsive you became after two months, often cooing, flapping your limbs and looking around.

You’re best of friends with cousin Karin and we hope your bond remains when you both grow up. In some ways, cousin Karin prepared Mum and Dad for you.

Here’s you at 3 months.

Here was when you started lifting your head to look around late into your third month.

You also liked fiddling with your hands.

Here’s you in your fourth month.

You had more success in lifting your head up and looking at us.

And was smiling alot.

You also went on your very first play date.

Here’s you swimming in your personal pool in your fifth month. Sadly we’ve only used it twice cos you had adverse reactions to the pool subsequently.

You went for Dad’s cousin’s wedding with us.

And got your baby size Spain kit. The only reason why Dad bought Spain for you was cos the other baby size kits (Germany and Argentina) were predominantly white, and at this age, you were vomitting and drooling very frequently.

In your sixth month, we had our first family photo shoot.

Our photos now line the entire wall of our home.

In your sixth and seventh month, we started to go to lots of parks cos when you grow up, you’ll most likely be hanging round the malls instead.

In your eight month, Mum booked us into Sentosa! Here was when you started to sit up by yourself and babble a lot.

In your ninth month you were starting to look so much like a big boy, probably due to us putting you in more mature clothes. You also started climbing over Dad’s shoulder whenever he carried you, like a little monkey.

You were also walking around assisted and crawling all over the place.

You also attended an Iron Man exhibition…

In your tenth month, you got trapped in a bean bag…

…and enjoyed walking around your temporary play area.

Your eleventh month saw your first Christmas with us, and a fair amount of parties.

You got your own personal plastic ball pool.

Dad and Mum took leave in the last two weeks of December and brought you to a few places…

…and we had a great Christmas together.

And your birthday party was awesome! Loads of well-wishers and friends came to celebrate your special occasion and you got lots of presents.

In the year you were born, Liverpool FC saw the return of the King, Spain won the World Cup, Mum and Dad had to both go through company re-organisations, Dad worked to bring in a cool exhibition and we had a great Christmas and New Year with you joining us.

What was most important that you were with us in all these events, and no matter how bad the day got, there was always you to look forward to when we got home. Love you always Son and looking forward to your second year with us.


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