Highlights of Transformers CybertonCon

I didn’t take up the offer of the media preview as I haven’t been blogging regularly to warrant the invite anyway.

Still experiencing convention fatigue from last year and thought I’d visit Transformers CybertonCon as a paying member of the public without any obligation to publish.

Here are my ‘highlights’ of the event.

First you get wowed (i use the term loosely) by nice G1 one boxes but when you move on, G2 just doesn’t get enough respect I guess.

Dreadwing ‘The Fallen’ version

I think Dorophy Tang is hot. Unfortunately I don’t think she’ll feel the same way about how her custom figure is displayed.

The ultimate highlight of the event for me was skipping the ‘awesome’ convention exclusive. You know, the one that can be had at a third the price without the Universal Studios motif on the trailer. More money for better toys!

Terribly disappointed with the whole show. The collections on display were good but came across as an afterthought within the context of the convention. The post-movie focus didn’t rock my world either.

When I left, I couldn’t help but feeling that Transformers fans deserve better.


4 thoughts on “Highlights of Transformers CybertonCon

  1. When you see Action Masters in the first column display in the G1 era historical timeline, you know Hasbro SG needs to catch up and care more for their Transformers fans.

    I have seen a lot of other “The Fallen” exclusives.

    The only redeeming event was the discussion panel, but hopefully we can do less of embarrassing questions like “Is it gay ?”, “ba-weep-gra-na-weep-ninny-bong” (yes, precisely, I don’t know what you are talking about), sensitive questions on “partnering with 3rd party makers” that are taking a slice of Hasbro/TakaraTomy’s profits, and letting kids take the stand on the Q&A session.

    • I feel sad for a devoted Trannies lover like you TED, considering how much you contribute to Hasbro’s share price.

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