Kaelen in Japan

We visited Japan from 28 May to 6 June 2012 for a family holiday.

We went with Uncle Kim Leng, Aunty Jenet, Uncle Eng Seng and Aunty Hui Hui and your best companion, cousin Karin.

Here we are on ANA where you got your own seat between us.

And you looking good with your headphones and enjoying an episode of Chuggington.

This is you upon landing at Haneda airport, with the plane we took behind you.

Mum brilliantly chartered a bus for the whole family, and we spent more than five minutes trying to figure out how to get you in the car seat. Apparently the belt was stuck.

Your first snack at the Starbucks at Southern Terrace in Shinjuku.

Mummy enjoyed the daily breakfast of glazed donuts as much as you did.

Here is Mummy in front of the mega mall just opposite our hotel.

And here’s the view from our hotel.

We lunched at some don joint in Shinjuku and Daddy was served vegetarian curry with rice.

We spent the rest of the first day wandering round Shinjuku cos we were quite tired from the early flight. You threw quite a monster fit at Takashimaya’s toy department.

The next day we headed to Asakusa, and it was filled with fun shops and good food. Mummy bought you a portable Chugginton set here, as well as a little kimono.

We headed off to Ameyoko at Ueno after that, where Daddy got quite engrossed in the shops and only had this photo to show for our visit.

We even managed to cover Shibuya in the evening.

And came across a Japanese wrestler filming a live TV programme.

We stumbled across a ramen shop and the staff attending to us was a nice lady from Shanghai who entertained you while we ate.

We headed off to Disneyland the next day, having our breakfast at Denny’s before setting off.

We got to experience a bit of the Tokyo rush-hour, before the crowd eased off during our journey.

We finally reached after a long journey.

Mickey actually hi-fived you before he went off.

We got you some Mickey Mouse ears and you kept going, “Thank you Mummy, thank you Daddy, which was really sweet.

You were too shaken by the Pirates ride so we skipped the Small World one.

You played around abit till you had your customary Disney Land nap…

…which meant Mummy and Daddy were off to the races!

We got some more photos with Disney characters while you napped.

And Mummy thoroughly enjoyed herself at the parade.

We got you two train sets at the shop, one that would be compatible with your Thomas track at home, and another that you can bring around.

To cap off a perfect day, we managed to catch the fireworks as Disneyland closed.

The next day we headed to Odaiba for shopping and to check out the live-sized RX-78.

Ramen for lunch again and you vomitted sadly.

Here we are with RX-78! Did you know that three months before you were born, Dad completed four 1/60 Gundam and RX-78 was one of them?

You had fun as you always do when you played with the gashapon machine.

You had a rather long nap after a long day of shopping and Uncle Eng Seng took almost two hours to decide to purchase his perfect grade Red Astray.

Daddy kept encouraging him to buy it as it would be quite funny seeing him lug it all the way back.

It was great seeing the fantastic views at Odaiba.

And we had decent sashimi there too.

The next day we went to Tsukiji fish market which was overhyped and quite pricy in our opinion.

We adjourned to Akihabara, where Daddy got to enjoy the best of Japanese toys. Daddy was pleased to see RX-93 with the ridiculous effect parts in all its full glory.

We spent the next full day at Yokohama, which is a beautiful seaside town some distance away from Tokyo.

Sadly, you catching a nap meant you and Karin missing out on the 300 yen train ride.

The next day we headed to Harajuku for shopping and Mummy found you a Thomas watch at Kiddyland.

Daddy was happy to find the Kangol store there.

On our last day, we managed to catch a quick bite at the 130 yen sushi shop next to our hotel.

It was well worth it!

We will always remember you being so grateful at Disneyland, thanking us for the Mickey ears, the amount of cool train toys you got, you hiding in your special place in the closet when you needed to poo and playing in the bathtub with you.

It was a great family holiday with you, Kaelen.


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