Tamashii Nations Display at AFA 2012

More like stuff that caught my eye.

Itasha Robo from Akibarangers is very impressive! Both size wise, and finishing.
Itasha Robo from Akibarangers

Brave series Super Robot Chogokin
Brave series Super Robot Chogokin

Random Super Robot Chogokin. Don’t think I’ll tire of looking at Daizyujin anytime this year.
Random Super Robot Chogokin

Armour Girls Project – The GP03 version is strangly enchanting. Blaming it on the one in my room.
Armour Girls Project

Gundam Wing Robot Spirits. Only have Wing Zero custom from this series.
Gundam Wing Robot Spirits

Random Gundam Robot Spirits. Was a bit sad that there weren’t any Gundam Robot Spirits at Bandai’s sales booth. Last year’s prices were fantastic.
Gundam Robot Spirits

12 Inch C3PO. Expensive, most expensive.

12 Inch Wild Tiger from Tiger & Bunny. It lights up. Have to be satisfied with my SHF version.


Nothing we haven’t seen online before, but it was good to see them up close. Especially looking forward to DX Mazinger Z!

DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z


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